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Goat's head Torc

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An animal torc featuring a goat/rams head. This torc is based on a find that is dated between 1stC BCE and 1stC CE and is made of solid brass.

A torc is an ancient Celtic form of neck ring. Although items from as early as 1800 BC have been found in Egypt that resemble torcs, the name is commonly used for bronze, iron or golden neck rings from the European Iron Age. These neck rings developed from simple rings into elaborately decorated ornaments. Most Celtic torcs have been found in France but there is an extremely wide spread of torc- like ornaments encountered throughout excavations from Spain to the British Isles and Scandinavia and from Persian lands to Egypt.

Weight: 500 grams approx.

Size is somewhat flexible and should fit almost anyone, but it can't be over bent otherwise it may suffer permanent damage.

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