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Rus' Axe Pendant

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Item Name Rus' Axe Pendant
Period 11th - 12th century
Culture Viking, Rus - Medieval Russia
Discovery Site Novgorod
Novgorodskaya oblast, Russia
Dating 1000-1050AD

N.I. Astashova, etc. (1996). Put' iz Variag v Greki, i iz Grek… (The road from the Varangians to the Greeks, and from the Greeks…), cat. no. 82. State Historical Museum: Moscow.

Bronze pendant shaped like a miniature Slavic axe with hooks and punched and engraved decorations, original excavated in Novgorod by A.V. Artsihovsky. Axe-shaped pendant amulets are a relatively common form in Rus' and are thought to be symbols for Perun, the Old Russian storm god (equivalent to Viking Thor) favoured by the ruling elite in their last days of paganism.

Width: 5.5cm
Weight: 20g


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