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Spjor and Skjoldr (Viking dice game) in Chest

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This game was made to be played by people of all ages. We have anachronistically named it as "Spjor & Skjoldr" which loosely translates to Spears and Shields, a favoured combination of weapons used by early medieval cultures like the Vikings.

A game set includes a small wooden chest,13 Viking dice & suggested game rules in English and a version using Viking words.The use of Viking words in the context of a game can be a useful educational tool.

Translation of in game terms are below
Spjor - Spears
Skjoldr - Shield
Jarl - Leader
Hird (Pronounced 'Heerth') - Army
Hirthmenn - Soldiers
Thegn - Mature Warrior
Stodva - Halt

To increase game complexity and probability we also have slightly smaller polished blank bone dice available for this Viking dice game "Spears and Shields". You can make some alternate combinations to make the outcome more challenging. To mark them simply scratch them with the tip of a knife, nail punch, scribe or any other sharp metal tool that you can safely manage. You can order blank dice here.

The dice are approximately 1.5cm³ each. Every dice is hand made and while there will be some variation, our photo should be a fair representation of the overall quality. Made from wood.

Dice were originally made from the talus of hoofed animals, although it is uncertain where they originated, they have been used since before recorded history.

PLEASE NOTE: Pattern on chest photographed may vary slightly.

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