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Pattern Welded - Tempered Sword Blank

Pattern Welded - Tempered Sword Blank

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Want the perfect sword but forging and tempering are outside your skills or just too much effort?

Use one of our pattern welded blades and furnish and balance it yourself. The pattern is unique to each blade, no two are the same.

The blade is complete with a full length fuller and is 970mm long overall and 790mm from tip to hilt. The blade is 48mm wide at the hilt and 30mm wide at the tip with an average thickness of 4mm and an edge of 2.5mm.
Weight: 765 grams

Tang is pre-cut and is 165mm long, 15mm wide and 5mm thick.

Tempered to 48rc (Rockwell "C" hardness)

Combat Rating - 9 of 10 - needs hilt to be fitted, point may need to be removed.