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The signature blade of the Landsknecht, the Katzbalger was a staple renaissance arming sword, distinguished by its remarkable s-shaped guard. The name Katzbalger is thought to be derived from the two words Katz and Balgen meaning Cat and brawl, which is perhaps an allusion to fervid and close-quarter skirmishes, like those of cat-fights, in which this short blade is most effective.

Majoritively a cutting weapon, the Katzbalger has a full length tang, a wide and untapered blade with three slim fullers, and a slightly rounded tip. Its short wooden grip and trapezoidal pommel are protected by its distinctive s-shaped guard, which enables an excellent defense against other cutting attacks.

A stiff wooden sheath wrapped in leather makes up the Katzbalger's scabbard, which is also adorned with a unique steel capped chape, perhaps reflecting the grandness and vivacity of the wielder.

Deepeeka claim that this sword is battle-ready, but it is yet to be fully tested by Medieval Fight Club. We recommend further rounding of the blade tip before use in re-enactment.


Total Length of Sword: 870 mm
Blade Length: 720 mm
Blade Width: 45 mm
Grip Length (including pommel): 133 mm
Guard Area: 115 mm x 135 mm
Edge: 2 mm
Total Length in Scabbard: 950 mm

Weight of Blade: 1.40 kg
Weight of Scabbard: 0.65 kg

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