About our company

Fight Club Group is part of the group of companies owned by Asimar Pty Ltd.
Medieval Fight Club, Fantasy Fight Club, Sports Fight Club, History Fight Club, and Warriors Wardrobe are names and/or trademarks used by Asimar Pty Ltd.

Our warehouse is located at Wyee, NSW, Australia.

You can mail to us at:
PO BOX 9133
Wyee NSW 2259

Call us toll free on 1300 768 068 to make an appointment.

We have no browse friendly shop front. Our range consists of thousands of products and would need a supastore to lay them out. The best place to see details of our products is this website. If there are measurements we have neglected to include then feel free to contact us and we will update the information for you.

Naturally you can select to pickup items from our Wyee warehouse. You are most welcome to try the items on and we can select another size if required and available.