iDV Larp Arrow - Red nock and red fletching

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The IDV Engineering LARP arrows feature a rounded, cushioned tip that is designed to minimize impact, ensuring that these arrows are as safe as arrows can get. They are developed in Germany and are considered as one of the safest arrows on the market, this has been proved by independent tests.

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Each arrow is made from a high grade epoxy resin shaft that is both flexible and (mostly) shatter-proof. It is definitely more durable and above all much safer than traditional wooden shafts. Additionally, the arrow shafts are well suited to LARP bows (20 – 30 lbs.) due to their flexible spine which has an extremely high accuracy over longer distances. They feature an almost unbreakable single piece fletching which provides stable, accurate flight even under the extreme conditions in live action role play. The new IDV safety nock is a flat, rounded form, reducing the risk of injury to others in comparison to customary tapered nocks. 

Overall Length: 76cm
Safety head circumference: 16.5cm
Safety head diameter: 5cm
Shaft (head to fletching):57cm

Flight range: more than 50 m with only 25 lbs x 28″ draw weight

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