About our auctioned products

Auctions are an opportunity for you to get an incredible bargain. You do need to get in quick with your bids, and obviously sneaking bids in at the last minute is how most people win auctions. Just remember that other people are doing this too. Read the following Q&A for more info.

Q. Are the products inferior?
A. Not usually, often it is just an item selected at random. We may occasionally list a product that has a small defect but we will state it clearly in the description. In such a case the item is sold "as is".

Q. What happens if I am the winning bidder?
A. You will receive an email with purchase instructions.

Q. Can I order if I am not the winning bidder?
A. No, the winning bid price is ONLY available to the winner.

Q. Why have auctions?
A. For a couple of reasons but mainly to give our customers an opportunity to grab a bargain on limited products.

Q. Are there special terms and conditions for auctions?
A. In some cases yes, please see our T&C for more details.

Q. How often will you list new products.
A. It depends on a range of things but we will try to get something new on every week.

Q. Can I order other items with my auction item to save on shipping?
A. Yes but you must finalise the order within 24 hours. If an auctioned item remains unpaid after 24 hours it may be offered to the next highest bidder.

Q. Can I use a discount code with my auction item?
A. Of course not - no other promotions, discounts or special offers will be accepted in conjunction with an order that contains an auctioned item.