Hannibal's Defeat

19 Oct 2022
by Samuel Taylor

On this day, the 19th of October 202 BC, Hannibal met defeat at the hands of Scipio Africanus on the plains near Zama Regia.

The troop numbers slightly favoured Hannibal, but Scipio possessed a larger and more experienced cavalry brigade. Ultimately they managed to flank the Hannibal's line and end the battle.

What really screwed Hannibal up was Scipio's adaptation to the Carthaginian's tried and true tactic of "Elephant go Smash".

Scipio trained his troops to skirmish in small pockets and allow the elephants to pass before engaging them with missiles and spears.

Who would've thought, eh? Simply move your troops out of the way of the rampaging war-beast and you won't take so many casualties! What an inspired idea, I can see why nobody thought of it sooner...