Standard Warranty

Users should exercise caution and refrain from making modifications or misusing a product, as such actions can result in the warranty being voided. Products are meticulously designed with the expectation of fair and reasonable usage, but excessive or improper use, particularly in the case of items like combat weapons and armor, can naturally diminish their lifespan.
This warranty includes all of our equipment unless otherwise stated on this website.

Warranty does not cover the following:

  • Incidental and consequential damages. This warranty does not cover incidental and consequential damages arising in any way out of the use of the equipment. The liability of Fight Club is, in any event, limited to the amount of the original purchase price.
  • Negligent Operation. This warranty does not cover any loss or damage arising in any way due to the negligent operation of the equipment.
  • Altered, Repaired, or Misused Equipment. This warranty does not cover any loss or damage arising in any way out of the use of the equipment if it has been altered, repaired by persons other than Fight Club or if it has been abused or misused.

Other Warranty Information

  • Fight Club reserves the right to repair, supply a replacement, make a price adjustment, credit the customer's account, or issue a refund for any item.
  • In cases of shipping damage, this warranty does not apply, and customer's responsibility shall be to contact Fight Club promptly. We will then work with you to register a claim.
  • The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.
  • The item must be shipped back to us complete, and in the same fitness as when it left our facility.
  • Products not meeting these terms may be refused and returned to the sender, freight collect.

Blade Guarantee - We stand by our practical blades for durability with re-enactors and if your sword breaks for whatever reason within the first 3 months of reasonable use - in other words using the edge to attack and the flat to defend (where possible) - we will share the problem and give you a 50% credit on your next blade of equivalent value when you return the broken blade to Medieval Fight Club. If on return, an inspection of an unmodified blade concludes there is a fault in the blade's manufacturing then it will be replaced.
Offer not valid for re-sellers or on discounted blades.

Items that are auctioned by Fight Club do not have any warranty under Australian Consumer Law.

Please take time to read the description on each auction. We will list any known issues with items on auction. If you are unsure about an item please ask or do not bid.