HEMA Heavy Arm Protection - Pair

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Pair of heavy duty armour plates for the arms, ideal for use in HEMA or WMA.

Consisting of 4 plates that cover the entire arm, this harness emulates the pauldron, rerebrace, cop and vambrace of traditional plate armour, but with lightweight yet highly durable polyethylene. All pieces are fastened via velcro straps, allowing them to be worn with or without a gambeson underneath.

The pauldron, rerebrace and elbow cop are all a single plate that protect the outside of the arm only. The vambrace is a three-plate construction to protect the inside along with the outside of your wrist and forearm. These protectors are best used in tandem with a gauntlet or a glove.

The plates can also be overlapped, if necessary. Roughly, the ideal arm length is 70 cm, and there is a soft minimum of 54 cm, however you can always adjust the way you wear the plates to fit you comfortably. If your arms are longer, you can always separate the top two plates from the bottom two, as they're secured together with ties.

These plates are the best protection available for HEMA or WMA. Lightweight yet sturdy, this armour is perfect for keeping you safe without slowing you down.


Upper arm plates length: 37 cm
Lower arm plates length: 31 cm
Weight: 500 g each
Size: One size fits all

Material: Hard polyethylene

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