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The Pappenheim Rapier is a special style of rapier, purportedly named so after Gottfried Heinrich Graf zu Pappenheim, a general of the Holy Roman Empire during the Thirty Years War. This style is said to have been the Pappenheim's preferred rapier design and as such took his name, and is a classic in late medieval weaponry.

The steel rapier blade is long and thin, perfect for vicious thrusts and whipping slices, coupled with a swept hilt with forward facing metal plating for excellent hand protection, with felt padding for comfort and style. The grip is wire-wrapped, and the weapon is fully constructed from carbon steel. The sword also comes with a stiff leather scabbard with metal locket and chape.

This blade is blunt, but still features an edge that is ~1mm thick. We recommend further blunting of the tip and edge before use in reenactment combat.

Total Length: 1150 mm
Blade Length: 920 mm
Grip: 110 mm
Crossguard Width: 225 mm

Weight: 1.387 kg
Scabbard Length: 1054mm
Scabbard Weight: 0.544 kg

Blade Material: Steel - High Carbon
Handle Material: Wire-wrap
Scabbard: Leather with steel locket and chape

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