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The Jian is the name of a traditional double edged straight sword originating in China. It has been around for about 2,500 years, with the first Chinese mention of a jian coming from the 7thC B.C.E. In Chinese folklore, it is the "Gentleman of Weapons", and is considered one of the four main weapons alongside the dao, the staff and the spear.

This jian in particular is quite the specimen. It is functional, while retaining great beauty in its design. The blade swirls with the patterns of folded steel, with the decorative brass crossguard at its head. The blade has a standard lenticular profile, with a strong distal taper. The red and black cord wrapped handle is finished with a zoomorphic brass pommel, also featuring the same swirling patterns featured across the scabbard. The scabbard itself is a dark hardwood, with brass locket, chape and hook. It is stylised in a traditional Chinese manner, and the hook is reinforced with cord wrappings.

The Jian also comes with a protective fabric sleeve, and is housed in a tight weave case.

Blade length: 525 mm
Overall length (sword only): 740 mm
Grip Length: 175 mm
Blade Width: 42 mm tapering to 30 mm
Point of Balance: 100 mm into blade
Blade profile thickness: 9 mm tapering to 4 mm
Edge thickness: ~ 0.1 mm

Weight (sword only):
0.8 kg

Please note that due to transport limitations, even our sharp swords require further honing after you receive them if you want them for test cutting. This item has an edge so some might consider it sharp but we do not find it dangerously or razor sharp. However it should be noted that it is an edge and for that reason it may be considered sharp by law officials.

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