Practical Scramasax Combat Seax Sword - wooden handle

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Full tang, rounded and blunt. A 'ready-to-go' combat Seax for the re-enactor. This sword makes a good durable 'beater' and has a 2mm edge for safety and strength in edge to edge combat styles.


Seax (also Hadseax, Sax, Seaxe, Scramaseax, Scramsax and Sachsum - lat.) in Old English means knife or cutting tool. In modern archeology (and further in this article), the term seax is used specifically for the typically large knives that were worn by men in the 5th to 11th century, in the region roughly enclosed by Ireland, Scandinavia and Northern Italy. In heraldry, the seax is a charge consisting of a curved sword with a notched blade, appearing, for example, in the coats of arms of Essex and the former Middlesex.

This seax sword has a brass guard and flat steel pommel. Handle is natural wood and has been rounded to perfectly fit into your grip. Tang is clearly seen at the edge proving its state as a durable full tang weapon. See additional pictures for more details.

Size: 305mm Blade, 450mm Overall
Weight: 520 grams approx

Combat Rating = 9 of 10